Sunday, September 2, 2007

Jango Universe Forums

I've added another link to the honor list. Presenting the brand new and slightly useful Jango Universe Forums!
Well anyway, this is sort of a way for me to see if I have any viewers and if I don't well, as I stated in my last post I intend to keep posting regardless. You can enjoy the forums, they're there for use, they're pretty much like any other forums with all the necessary areas. I'll start it off by getting a few citizens to sign up but I encourage you all to register with them and use them.

Well, then again, "you all" could just be me so all I have to do is sign up to them. Well, I've already done that in which case I'm finished... So thanks to everyone for signing up if I'm the only viewer of this site... meaning thanks to me... ah, here I go again...

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