Thursday, September 18, 2008

Alive and Ranting

Yah, I'm alive, and yeah, no-one reads this. Who gives a fuck. Well, lets be honest, there's only me to give a fuck. But that's all that's important. Because I'm all that's important.

I'm still ruling the Advanced Gaming Network with an iron fist, I'm still working on Urban Warfare (my mod project) and I've begun planning a short story, which I hope will expand to a longer story-ish thing. That'll only happen if I can actually make myself sit down at the computer and not play games though, which is very hard when there's such a delicious choice of games on my computer.

Also planning a computer upgrade when I get the funds, which are hard to come by, but I am saving up. Beware of uber-pwnage by me in a few months or so.

So last of all, just reiterating the point that I rule.

(I rule.)

- Jango