Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I have one fan!

Well, after putting the forums up as a way to see how many people read my pieces regularly I've found out that I have one regular reader!!!
Rather than putting me down this has risen my spirits, now I know that no-one reads my pieces and I don't have to worry about censoring my pieces. So thank you to all my non-existent fans for not existing!

Hmmm, what to rant about? I think I'm going to have a short rant about how much crap those aged 16-25 get. Think about it, the vast majority of them have to go to school or university all day, they then have homework, assignments etc. to do *an actual statistic is that Year 12 students are expected to do 3 hours of homework and studying a night, many do even more than that.*
After that many of them have jobs to go to, a large amount work at fast food outlets like "McDonald's" and "Hungry Jacks," at these businesses can work till 10-11PM. For an average working man the day usually ends at 6/7PM, from then on they have time to themselves, for older students, once they get home (at around 4/5PM) they have a large amount of homework/studying to accomplish, some of them go out to work till late at night.
I will concede that average workers are under slightly more stress, they might be raising families and they have bills to pay, but older students have things like their final exams and results to worry about. So, what have I worked out from that? Older students work as much or more than adults, big whoop. What irritates me is that these students are still looked down upon as if they were children, when they lapse in attention they're compared to 4 year olds, they're stared at suspiciously by strangers around them. I think that the older generations need to recognise that those 'little kids' aren't 'slacking' off. Also, please note that I'm not talking about the upper class brats that have everything and don't have jobs, I'm talking about those that are still in school or university and that are working jobs after that. I'm also definitely not talking about myself, I've got it easy as compared to many people I know that genuinely don't have any time at all to themselves apart from some on the week-ends. Most of my friends finish off their day and then rush off to work from 5-11PM 3/4 times a week, they then have to worry about work due the next day.
And NO, I don't have a solution to this, I'm just ranting pointlessly about it. Feel free to make me aware of a solution in the forums, they're there after all.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Jango Universe Forums

I've added another link to the honor list. Presenting the brand new and slightly useful Jango Universe Forums!
Well anyway, this is sort of a way for me to see if I have any viewers and if I don't well, as I stated in my last post I intend to keep posting regardless. You can enjoy the forums, they're there for use, they're pretty much like any other forums with all the necessary areas. I'll start it off by getting a few citizens to sign up but I encourage you all to register with them and use them.

Well, then again, "you all" could just be me so all I have to do is sign up to them. Well, I've already done that in which case I'm finished... So thanks to everyone for signing up if I'm the only viewer of this site... meaning thanks to me... ah, here I go again...