Monday, April 14, 2008

Internet Censorship? Fuck you.

I'm seeing a lot of articles like these now-a-days. The internet is the last completely un-censored and un-ruled domain. It is the Governments of the world's dream to control it, then they will have full control over the outlet of media and information.

We saw Pakistan take you-tube off, we're seeing China signing deals with Google. Googling 'China Democracy Party' or other anti-Government slogans? You're gonna get fucked.

Recently in Victoria, we saw the drama TV show 'Underbelly,' based on real underworld crimes being ordered not to screen in Victoria.. The problem is these criminals are still being trialled and the courts are worried the screening of the series may effect the juries judgment. But this was a more unique ruling, because 'Underbelly' was also banned from being viewed on the internet. There is no way to police this, thus offering the Government an opportunity to make an outcry, calling for more censorship and Government control over it.

The article above speaks of "allowing companies to snoop on their workers' emails are needed to protect vital electronic infrastructure from terrorist attacks"

Bullshit! This is basically saying that they're worried the terrorists are going to circulate a virus or assault our computers in some other way through our e-mail. I think we all know the unlikelihood of that, and I'd highly doubt the terrorists had funds to create some kind of mega virus which not even the IT security forces of the Coalition could get rid of or stop.

Stay away from my beautiful unblemished internet, Governments. You're wrong, I'm right, now piss off.

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