Sunday, August 12, 2007

Urban Warfare

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For those who have never met or heard of me in their life my name is Jonathan. If you call me that I will kill you. It's not that I necessarily hate that name, in-fact I like it, but people call me Jango. It also just gives me an excuse to kill you which I also like. Speaking of things that I like, I'm currently leading a mod project called Urban Warfare. This mod owns. Well, it will own.
It's a Battlefield 2142 modification where we plan to... ah bugger it, I'm too lazy to say it all, here's a link:
Go support and give me your constructive criticism's which I'll grudgingly accept.
We're also recruiting. We don't really need to because we have an awesome team but we're lazy and the more members the less work there is. E-mail me at if you're interested. 16+ preferably unless you're seriously skilled.

Jango, signing out!

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